About Us

Who are we?

Student Astronomy Club, HKUSTSU is one of the Independent Club in HKUST, which is affiliated to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union(HKUSTSU).

Student Astronomy Club, HKUSTSU was established since 1993. Since the establishment, we aim to:

  • Provide a media for students to know more about astronomy
  • Foster students’ interest in astronomy
  • Promote the general welfare and privileges of members

We welcome all of you to join us as long as you are interested in Astronomy. Let's enjoy the starry night!

Explore our Starry Night

Astronomy is not only an academic area, but also a kind of art and enjoyment. We want to provide different ways for our participants to enjoy the fun of astronomy, Such as Planetarium, astronomical photography, oversea stargazing trip. We are trying to organize different sections the occasional Stargazing during the academic year, in order to provide more oppotunities to our student to enjoy the beauty of our starry night.

More Information:

Year Plan

April, 2023

Member Gathering

June, 2023

Overnight Stargazing camp

August, 2023

Registration Day

August, 2023

Orientation Camp

September, 2023

Orientation Week

Late September, 2023

Orientation Night

October - November, 2023

Sub - Committee Function

Early November, 2023

BBQ Gathering

Late November, 2023

Information Session

December, 2023

Overseas Stargazing Camp

Let's Join Us!


“We live in a changing universe and few things are changing faster than our conception of it.”
– Timothy Ferris

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